have a change to win one


You would like to at least double your reach on social media and effortlessly get 4 to 5 paying customers every month.

During this exclusive coaching call we look over your shoulder at how your company is doing now, what your goals and wishes are and how you can realize them with our tips and advice:

After the conversation you will know:

  • which is the next step for you towards more customers
  • how you can make an immediate impact with your posts on both your existing  network and your new followers
  • wether we can help you with this

We have 5 spots available every month for this exclusive coaching call. Complete the questionnaire on time via the button below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

This conversation is for you if:

  • you want a steady flow of new customers
  • you want to atleast double your reach on social media
  • you want your followers to continue to think about you even after reading your post
  • In addition to your mother, your sister, and your neighbor and your best friend, you also want new followers to like your post
  • you want to sharpen your conversation techniques on social media and have at least 5 valuable  conversation per week
  • you want to know how to give your followers 7 to 14 wake-up or a-ha moments to build their confidence and encourage  them to take action
  • if you want to spot serious customers
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